Single Mom Completes Build Cobb Program, Begins Career with Anning-Johnson Company

Claudia Castro is a 25-year-old single mom. She graduated high school but her pursuit of college and a career took a back seat to the joys and demands of raising a child alone.

Claudia took a part-time, weekends-only job and spent her days at the local library researching career options. The only problem was she needed a degree to qualify for a career and she needed the money now! Then she saw a flyer about the Build Cobb class.

She was hesitant to enter a seemingly male-dominated industry but the earning potential was worth it, and she was ready to work hard to get it!

Claudia graduated top of her class with a grade of 104 and was hired by Anning-Johnson Company. “The best part of my new career is being able to pay my bills and spend the weekends with my son too,” she says.

Build Cobb Partnership, is a collaboration of CobbWorks, Inc., The Collective at Cumberland Community Church, the Construction Education Foundation of Georgia (CEFGA) and HB Next. The program provides an intensive four-week construction skills training class along with job placement assistance.

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