Charles Tilly Never Thought He Would Be Working on a Project of This Magnitude

CEFGA-Success-charlesSuperheroes are often defined as a type of heroic character possessing extraordinary talents and supernatural or superhuman abilities. Meet Charles Tilly, one of our superheroes. After graduating from Construction Ready at Westside Works, Tilly began working at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium construction site.

“It’s like everywhere you go, you’re a superhero,” Tilly said. “You’re doing something great that everybody’s going to remember in this city, in my hometown.”

Working for his uncle’s carwash wasn’t what Tilly had in mind for a career. When he was looking for a change, it was his uncle who pushed him to challenge himself and apply to Westside Works.

Tilly graduated and landed a job as a gatekeeper at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium construction site, where his supervisor was a fellow Westside Works graduate, Lloyd Foster.

“I didn’t think I would have ever been involved in something like this,” Tilly said. “Nobody in my family worked in construction. I still can’t believe it sometimes. Words cannot explain. I would have never thought I would get into something as big as this project.”

The position provided more financial stability, and the work fascinated Charles’ family – especially his son, who now has his very own superhero to look up to.

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