Hands-On and Soft Skills Training Make Thez Robinson a Valued Employee in the Warehousing Industry

Thez Robinson went through Construction Ready at CEFGA’s Build Cobb location in September 2019. By the time he completed the four-week curriculum, he realized there was even more to the program than learning those all-important hands-on skills.

“I learned that being early is being on time, and being on time is being late. That really made a difference for me,” says Thez, who left a job with a concrete company to enroll in Construction Ready. “Also, coming in with a positive attitude every day. And learning how companies see things – looking at myself from their perspective.”

Making the decision to leave his former employer wasn’t easy, but today all those Construction Ready lessons Thez learned – tangible and intangible – are helping him thrive with NPSG Global, a Kennesaw-based provider of warehouse implementation services for e-fulfillment companies such as Amazon. He builds perimeter fencing and racking, and on a recent job in Savannah, he learned to build conveyors unique to Amazon warehousing operations.

“That was a new experience,” he says. “I had never built conveyors or done any electrical wiring. I also put up a trucker’s cage, a maintenance cage and guard rails. It always leads Now back to some kind of construction or carpentry skills – measuring, drilling holes, things like that. I’m working in project management, which is really hands-on with my team, and the leadership skills that Construction Ready provides really helps a lot.”

Thez furthered his education by enrolling in CEFGA’s Construction Ready PLUS program in early 2020. Covid-19 forced the Saturday sessions to be put on hold in the spring, but he was able to complete the curriculum when it resumed in the summer.

“It’s helped me tremendously,” Thez says. “I got my OSHA 30 through Construction Ready PLUS, and that helps so much. [NPSG Global uses] layouts in CAD – I didn’t know anything about CAD before, but after learning Blueprint Reading and Site Layout in Construction Ready PLUS, I have a grasp of that now too.”

Thez enjoys the variety his job affords – working in cities he’s never visited before and learning how different warehouse operations work. When he returns to his home in Powder Springs, there’s another reminder of how Construction Ready helped change his life – his wife, Nonye Akuba, was a fellow classmate when they first met.

Construction Ready instructor Jeff Kiel had a humorous response upon learning Thez and Nonye are a couple: “So now we’re teaching construction and we’re a matchmaking service?” Kiel asked.

Not quite – but as Thez and hundreds of other Construction Ready graduates can attest, “people skills” are very much an important benefit of the training.

Learn more about Construction Ready at constructionready.org.

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