Construction Ready Helped Corey Prothro Discover a New Sense of Resolve

When Corey Prothro graduated from CEFGA’s Construction Ready program, he had gained even more than a new set of skills and a wallet full of credentials. He now had a sense of tenacity.

“There was a lot of motivation,” says Corey, who attended Construction Ready at Westside Works in March 2019. “I always had been a quitter – I would always start something and then quit it. Once I got in that Construction Ready class, it got me to realize that no matter how tough the situation is, never quit – just keep going and keep going.”

Corey has done just that, and he’s thriving today, both in his career with the McKinley Group, a Lilburn-based landscaping company; and his personal life, having gotten married and bought a home in Stone Mountain.

It was Carmen Marie, Corey’s wife (girlfriend at the time) who initially learned about Construction Ready and brought it to his attention. “I had kind of hit rock bottom and I needed something positive to do, something that I could complete,” he says.

Corey’s initial job placement didn’t work out, but his newfound perseverance saw him through.

“By going through Construction Ready, that got me in the door [for a new job] a lot quicker, because I had the credentials,” he says. “I had the flagging credential and they were looking for somebody with that. They hired me right away.

Corey celebrated his Construction Ready graduation with his wife, Carmen Marie, and instructors Yolanda Davis and Mark Hornbuckle.

“I tell everybody, those credentials play a big role in helping you get a job,” he adds. “It’s not what you know about that job, it’s what you can bring to that job and what you can offer [the company].”

A native of Bowden, Georgia, Corey describes himself as “a country boy” whose work in landscaping has proven to be a great fit. “I love doing yard work, I love being outside,” he says.

Another recent triumph for Corey has been regaining a driver’s license, which he had been without for more than 20 years. His next step is to buy a truck. Ultimately he wants to start his own landscaping business.

You can hear the determination in his voice – this is something he will achieve.

“After that class, I felt better about myself,” he says. “Now when anything comes to mind that I want to do, I will always complete it. Quitting is not an option anymore.”

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