Toni Byrd Experienced a Remarkable Transformation through Construction Ready

Toni Byrd went through Construction Ready with Group 34 at Westside Works. She graduated in October 2020 and started her own business, which she aptly named Toni Fixed It. Here she discusses her experience in the program and how she came through it a different person.

Describe the events in your life that led you to the Construction Ready program.
I went through some crazy stuff in my life, but what really led me to sign up for Construction Ready? My sister sent me a flyer. I didn’t really understand [at the time]. I knew it was construction, so I did my research on it [and] I was like, hey, maybe this program is for me.

When I first got into Construction Ready, I felt like the instructors, everybody was against me. I felt like everybody was just picking on me. But as I went through the journey, I realized everything that I went through made me stronger, including everything before Construction Ready. Everything contributed to the new person that I am today, which is fearless, which is strong and which is goal-oriented. I would never give up. Previously, I didn’t have a lot of motivation and a lot of courage, but now I can take on anything that I put my mind to.

Describe your experience with Construction Ready.
My experience in Construction Ready was phenomenal. Every single day, we had different things to be looking forward to. I thought I wasn’t going to make it – I really did, because I thought everybody was out to get me. But as I trusted myself and as I trusted this journey, I realized that everything that I went through in this program made me into a better person and made me who I am today.

I was changing … and didn’t even know it. When I cried at graduation, that was the old Toni leaving and the new Toni coming in. It was a smooth transition. Construction Ready taught me so much. It taught me more mentally, it taught me more how to live out here and it taught me to be more true to myself, which is my identity.

Describe your life now after Construction Ready.
I want to say thank you, Construction Ready, for giving me the opportunity to go through the program and use my skills and my knowledge to take me farther in life, because that’s something that nobody can ever take away from me. My life is … more successful, I’m more peaceful and I’m also able to share more knowledge with the people that surround me. So again, I want to say thank you, and I feel great and I feel happy.

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