Emil and Xavier Nylander Have Found Promising Careers with Anning-Johnson Company

Construction Ready students often come to the program through a word-of-mouth recommendation from someone in their circle of contacts. In Xavier Nylander’s case, it was his own father, Emil, who went first.

The elder Nylander (pictured at left) graduated from Construction Ready at Build Cobb in May 2018. Xavier followed two years later, also at the program’s Cobb County location. Both men now work for Anning-Johnson Company and are refining their skills through the firm’s in-house training program. Xavier also completed CEFGA’s Construction Ready PLUS program in winter 2021, and Emil enrolled in the 16-week course in the spring.

“I’m trying to get as much knowledge as possible,” Emil says. “More knowledge, more power, right? I’m pretty good at building things – I’m usually the one who puts things together at my house, the one who fixes things. I just lack the knowledge behind it, so that’s what I’m trying to get now.”

Xavier (pictured at right) says his interest in construction dates to his time as a student at Cobb County’s Osborne High School, where he took classes in the school’s CTAE program. When he finished Construction Ready and met with prospective employers at the program’s hiring fair, he recognized Anning-Johnson representative Edwin Parra, who had spoken at one of his Osborne High classes.

The two clicked, and Xavier was hired as a finisher. He has since transferred to the company’s carpentry division, where he’s learning the work of drywall and framing.

“I really like framing,” he says. “I like being hands-on. They are teaching me so much hands-on work. I like the fact that you can see nothing [at the beginning of a project], then see a whole building being made.”

Emil too enjoys seeing the tangible results of his work. “I like to build something and look back and say, ‘Nice. That’s me. I did that,’” he says.

Emil also recognizes the value in the more substantive resume Construction Ready helped him assemble.

“I think it helped me get a job,” he says. “It helped me build a resume – to focus more on what I wanted, rather than just randomly putting things down [on a resume]. I think the credentials got me in there, and my work is keeping me there.”

Xavier similarly found his training beneficial. Not only was he more prepared for employment, he also became a better manager of his personal finances and was able to buy a car for the first time.

“I had a job before Construction Ready, but I still wasn’t able to have a car,” he says. “Once I got a job [through Construction Ready], I started managing my money better. Construction Ready got me on my feet.”

Learn more about Construction Ready at constructionready.org.


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