Construction Ready Helped Laquisha Gibbs Discover a New Outlook on Life

The eight industry-recognized credentials offered by Construction Ready can turn an individual’s resume from good to great. That’s what attracted Laquisha Gibbs to the program. But in looking back over her life since her graduation, she realizes an inner transformation has occurred as well – one that’s just as dramatic, if not more.

“It helped me work on myself as a person – my outlook on life and my demeanor,” says Laquisha, who completed Construction Ready at Westside Works in August 2018. “I had a real negative outlook. It taught me a lot about self-discipline. It changed how I interact with people. It changed how I look at authority. Now I’m more accepting of it. I’m more accepting of constructive criticism.”

Laquisha came to Construction Ready after serving four years in prison, where she learned some hands-on skills and worked maintenance jobs. She knew she wanted a hands-on career when she discovered CEFGA’s training programs in an online search.

“Whatever went wrong [on prison grounds], whatever they needed fixed, I would work on it,” she recalls. “So I had some experience. I just didn’t have any credentials. The training and credentials that [CEFGA] offered really caught my attention. I knew that if I could get those, I could excel in the kind of career I was looking for.”

Today Laquisha works for Archer Western, a contractor in the building, civil, transportation and water sectors. Asked what she enjoys most about her work, she turns the question around: “What do I not enjoy about it?” she says. “I live for my job. It’s fun; it’s never a dull moment when I go to work.”

Laquisha invested further in her career by going through the 16-week Construction Ready PLUS program in spring of 2019. She’s enthusiastic in recommending CEFGA training to others, including her brother, who also is now a Construction Ready graduate.

“Once I went through Construction Ready, I kind of found my footing and it really helped me figure out what I wanted to do,” Laquisha says. “I did a whole 180 when I left the program. I had clarity and a new perspective on life.”

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