Construction Ready Training Helped Launch Madison Wright into a Career as a Scaffold Erector

Until he gets a dispatch each afternoon, Madison Wright never knows where his next job assignment will be. But one thing is always certain: He’ll be working somewhere high above the ground.

A 2018 graduate of Construction Ready at Westside Works, Madison is a scaffold erector with Performance Contracting, Inc. (PCI). He’s worked on scaffolds inside the Scherer Power Plant near Macon, high atop Atlanta’s Coca-Cola building and at numerous other sites around the Southeast.

“I like seeing different scenery, as opposed to going to the same place every day,” Madison says “It’s hard work at times, and pretty dangerous, being up in the air like that, but it’s like when I’m out there, I’m not thinking about anything else but putting scaffolds together. It’s almost like putting Legos together when I was a kid.”

Madison was born in Savannah, grew up in Nashville, Tennessee, and returned to his home state in 2017. He was working a concrete job at State Farm Arena in downtown Atlanta when he met a Westside Works graduate who told him about the program.

He declined the first offer he received upon finishing – “I just didn’t feel like it was what I was looking for” – but soon after that, another friend referred him to Carpenters Local Union 225. The OSHA 10 certification he earned through Construction Ready meant the union could refer him to the job with PCI.

“The first job they sent me on was the power plant,” Madison recalls. “You had to have an OSHA 10 to even go inside.”

He was initially hesitant, unsure of both the scaffold building process and the heights to which they rose.

“When I got a chance to start building, I never thought I would be able to do it – it really seemed hard at first,” Madison says. “But once you learn the parts and how they go together and they see you’re not scared of heights, they’ll strap you up to that harness and put you out there and see what you can do.

“So I went in and did a job there for about a week. I thought I would be [uncomfortable with heights], but I was fine with it. I made it through, and they hung onto me and kept training me, and it’s been rolling ever since.”

Madison has since moved from Atlanta’s Westside to Henry County, where he and his wife share a home. He credits Construction Ready with preparing him for a career he truly loves.

“The discipline, being on time and always being ready to work, learning how to solve problems, and just learning basic things like safety,” he says, summarizing important lessons he received from Construction Ready. “Everybody’s situation is different. For me, I think if it wasn’t for going through that process, I wouldn’t be where I am now.”

And the best part about it all? “When you like what you do,” Madison says, “it’s almost like it’s not really a job, you know? You’re getting paid to do what you enjoy. That’s the great thing about my job.”

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