With Skills Learned in Construction Ready, Aaron Wright is Crafting a Successful Career as a Homebuilder

Aaron Wright breaks into a broad smile when asked about the impact CEFGA’s Construction Ready program has made on him.

“Honestly, it’s changed my whole life,” says the 33-year-old Vinings resident.

Since graduating from Construction Ready at Build Cobb in June 2017, Aaron has methodically fashioned a new career with the goal of becoming a successful homebuilder.

He was hired initially by Lawrenceville-based Stangood Electric, with whom he worked for two years. With a firm understanding of electrical work, Aaron then moved on to Jay-Ire Properties, an Atlanta-area residential homebuilder.

He’s been working on upscale properties during the week, spending Saturdays in CEFGA’s Construction Ready PLUS classes, and studying for a general contractor license in his spare time.

Construction Ready training, he says, has “opened doors and given me the knowledge to do the things I love. I’m currently building homes for a builder, which I wouldn’t have been able to do unless I went through this program. It’s given me the tools and the foundation I wouldn’t necessarily have time to learn on the job site, like crew leader skills and other intangibles.

“When you’re working on your contractor license,” he continues, “there are certain things that help you. For me, it’s the OSHA 30, the CPR, the crew leadership – even though I don’t have as much time in the construction industry, those credentials are helping me get the general contractor license faster than having to be in the business for years.”

Aaron grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana and moved to Atlanta with his family while he was in middle school. His grandfather worked in construction and Aaron occasionally would help out with demolition work. Those experiences sparked an interest in construction, but he first pursued a career in the trucking industry and ultimately owned a business with three semi-trucks.

An arrest for drug possession led to probation and a requirement that he find a job with a recognized employer – self-employment would not suffice. His probation officer recommended him to Construction Ready.

Recalling his early interest in the field, Aaron found the idea appealing and entered the program at Build Cobb. The fresh start led to a new career in which he has found immense satisfaction.

“The camaraderie and working together is something I enjoy,” he says. “Also, watching a project from start to finish – from something being bare dirt and seeing an amazing building come up. I get a sense of pride from that.”

Away from the job site, Aaron has discovered useful applications for his skills as well. When a technician from an electrical franchise quoted his mother $400 for a repair at her home, Aaron stepped in and took care of it in 10 minutes.

“Knowing how to do those things is very helpful, not just to your career, but in everyday life,” he says. “I’m smiling, because it’s all been so beneficial.”


VIDEO: Aaron talks about how Construction Ready and Construction Ready PLUS have opened doors and prepared him for a career in the homebuilding industry. Learn more about Construction Ready at constructionready.us, and follow us on our YouTube channel to hear from more successful Construction Ready graduates.

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