Daniel Jean-Baptiste Enjoys ‘Helping People Start New Careers and Change Their Lives’

Through Construction Ready, more than 1,000 men and women have been placed into full-time jobs in the industry. For three of those graduates, the relationship with CEFGA continued well beyond their four weeks of training – they’re now members of the CEFGA staff itself.

Brian Ayiteyfio (Westside Works Group 8) and Daniel Jean-Baptiste (Build Cobb Group 18) are Construction Ready Site Managers; Tosha Ford (Aerotropolis Group 4) started in that role and is now an Outreach & Recruiting Specialist. Read Brian’s story here, and Tosha’s here. Daniel, the most recent hire of the trio, shares his story below.

Where are you from?
I am from the great city of Boston. My parents are from Port Au Prince, Haiti.

When did you move to Atlanta, and what brought you there?
I moved to Atlanta in 2001 to get away from the cold winters in Boston.

What was your professional background prior to enrolling in Construction Ready?
Prior to enrolling, I was a counselor and educator in the social services sector.

How did you learn about Construction Ready, and what were your reasons for going through it?
I saw flyers for Construction Ready throughout my neighborhood at a time when I was looking for a career change. I was working odd jobs and supplementing my income working from home as a graphic designer. I applied for Construction Ready at Build Cobb, was accepted to Group 18 in February of 2019, and graduated in March 2019.

Were you hired by a construction company after graduating, or did you join CEFGA right away?
I was prepared to go to work for a construction company and was offered several opportunities at the Hiring Fair. But Mr. [Scott] Shelar and Ms. [Jamie] Buck offered me a position at CEFGA and it was a perfect match.

What is your role with CEFGA?
As a Site Manager, I help recruit, manage, retain and promote the success of students in the Construction Ready program.

What do you enjoy about your work with CEFGA?
I enjoy working with my team and co-workers at CEFGA. I enjoy helping people start new careers and change their lives. I also enjoy watching CEFGA grow, connect and build positive foundations in our communities.

How has Construction Ready training helped your career and life in general, and how does it help in your daily work with CEFGA?
Going through Construction Ready has improved my life immensely by providing me financial stability and opening me up to a new and exciting career. In my daily work at CEFGA, my Construction Ready training has given me a better understanding of the construction industry. Having gone through the program and earned the same credentials that participants are working for, helps me encourage and support them as they go through the challenges of completing this intense 20-day, 7 a.m.-to-5 p.m. training schedule.

Learn more about Construction Ready at constructionready.us.

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