Sam Dauphin Found a Fulfilling New Career through Construction Ready

When it became apparent Sam Dauphin’s original career plans weren’t working out, he knew a change was in order.

“I said, ‘I really need to find something more stable and full-time, and something with a path for development,’” recalls Sam, a former wellness coach.

The Louisiana native had studied health and fitness at Alabama’s Samford University, then moved to Marietta with his college roommate, who was from there.

At one point, he launched his own landscape operation to earn extra income and gain experience running a business.

In 2019, while still considering career options, Sam heard a radio spot about CEFGA’s Construction Ready training and decided to give it a try. He graduated at the program’s Build Cobb location in November of that year, and received a job offer from Marek Interior Systems.

“I was really impressed with how fast and efficient they were in getting us connected with employers,” Sam says.

Sam also is a member of the U.S. Navy Reserve. After fulfilling a commitment in that capacity, he began work with Marek in March 2020. While the Covid pandemic shut down much of the country that spring, construction was considered an essential service, and many companies, including Marek, were able to keep their employees working.

“If one job site got closed down, they sent us to another,” Sam says. “I was extremely busy in 2020.”

Sam (far right), says he joined the U.S. Navy Reserve to fulfill a lifelong dream of serving in the military.

Sam joined Marek as an entry-level laborer and later began an in-house training program to learn drywall installation.

“I enjoy that I’m learning skills not everybody has,” he says. “And having a sense of productivity – I go home knowing that I actually helped with a job site. There’s a sense of pride.”

The spring of 2021 brought more Navy Reserve commitments – first for training in Charleston, South Carolina, then for an extended overseas deployment. But Marek has assured Sam he will have a job when he returns.

“They’ve been very understanding,” he says. “They said just be sure to give the proper notice and I can pretty much pick up where I left off when I get back.”

Sam is grateful to CEFGA for helping him discover his new career path.

“In my opinion, Construction Ready embodies the American idea of equal opportunity,” he says. “It’s a chance to rise up and create a successful path. It opens doors for anyone willing to work for it. It gives people an opportunity to learn something new and to succeed.”

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