Giang Truong Credits Build Cobb with Helping Him Get His Life on Track 

Thanks to the Construction Ready at Build Cobb Partnership, Giang Truong has a new career and a future as bright as his infectious smile and sunny disposition.

Giang (pronounced “Yang”) graduated with Build Cobb’s Construction Group 7 in October 2016 and went to work soon after with Duluth-based Century Fire Protection.

It was quite a turning point for the 27-year-old, who had spent years struggling to find motivation and direction.

“Those four weeks [of training] really changed my life,” Giang says. “It’s gotten me back on track and helped me be ready to go to work in a professional way.”

Born in Vietnam, Giang moved to Orange County, California with his family when he was a teenager. His parents were successful restaurateurs, but they divorced, and the split devastated Giang.

He moved to Atlanta with his father and younger brother, Mike, and the upheaval “just turned me onto a wrong path,” he recalls. “I couldn’t handle it. I started hanging out with the wrong group of friends and not going to school. I wasted most of my youth.”

He had an interest in electrical work and enrolled at a Cobb County technical school, but did not finish and ended up in debt from the tuition payments.

Giang also got married, and his wife, Jessica, has been a supportive and positive influence in his life. A nursing student, she heard about Build Cobb while attending Kennesaw State University, and passed along the word to her husband.

“When I heard about Build Cobb,” he recalls, “I thought, ‘Wow. This sounds like something I could do.’”

Beyond the skills training, Giang says one of the most important lessons he learned involved relationships.

“From day one, we all learned together,” he says. “We built a table together. It was like, I put a screw in here, my teammate puts a screw in there, so the whole table gets built by everyone. It was very exciting to learn that, and I can apply those teamwork lessons out there in the field.”

Now Giang drives a Century Fire Protection truck around metro Atlanta and is learning more everyday about systems technology and inspections.

“Giang has been an excellent employee,” says Fire Alarm Superintendent Craig Wright. “His attitude towards me and his co-workers has been respectful, polite and responsive.

“Giang is also, on his own time, studying and grasping a lot,” Wright continues. “I have put him in some situations that most people would be uncomfortable with, but he has taken to it very well. He’s eager to learn, and very involved in the projects I’ve given him. He asks a lot of the right questions, and has a great aptitude for learning a very complex industry.”

Indeed, the young man who says “I never took school seriously” is now the model student. Clearly he’s found the sense of purpose he had sought for so long.

“I thought my dream [of a career in electrical work] was over, but it just lead me to another path and has turned out very well,” he says. “I want to grow in this. I never took school seriously, but now I am eager to learn. The more I work, the more I realize I have a lot to learn. This company chose me, they believe in me and are investing in me, so I feel very lucky and I’m trying to make the best of it.”

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