June 16: “Pursuing a Career in the Skilled Trades Q&A”
Host: Kayleen McCabe, Contractor and Host of DYI Network’s “Rescue Renovation”
Guest Speaker: Evan McGee, Labor Foreman, Holder Construction Co.
Questions/Followup: Email k12pipeline@cefga.org


June 23: “What Can Trade Schools Do for You?”
Host: Kayleen McCabe
Guest Speaker: Chuck Little, Human Resources Director, Atlanta Electrical Contractors Association
Questions/Followup: Email Little@atlantaelectrical.org or info@cefga.org


June 30: “Training and Networking: How to Get a Real Job in the Skilled Trades”
Host: Kayleen McCabe
Guest Speaker: Jeremy Whitaker, Recruitment & Development Manager, C.W. Matthews Contracting Co.
Questions/Followup: Email jwhitaker@cwmattews.com or info@cefga.org


July 7: “Truths & Misconceptions: Careers in the Skilled Trades
Host: Kayleen McCabe
Guest Speaker: Ben McGhee, Plumbing and Mechanical Superintendent, Gold Mech Inc.
Questions/Followup: Visit www.goldmech.com or email info@cefga.org

Beginning July 14
, the summer discussion series will continue on Facebook Live at the CEFGA Facebook page. The Facebook Live schedule is as follows:

July 14: “Careers in the Skilled Trades: It’s Not What You Think!”
Host: Kayleen McCabe
Guests: Bob Bradley, Mechanical Contractors Association of Georgia, and Jeff Rogers, Mechanical Trades Institute

July 21: “How to Make Money While Attending College”
Host: Kayleen McCabe
To be announced

July 28: “Building Your Talent Pipeline”
Host: Kayleen McCabe
Theresa Schroder, Turner Construction Company

August 4: “Back to School”
Host: Kayleen McCabe
Guests: To be announced

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