One year has made all the difference in Harold Robertson’s life

CEFGA-Success-haroldIn the past year, Harold Robertson’s life has changed tremendously. Celebrating the one-year anniversary of his release from jail, Robertson has graduated from Westside Works and is happily employed at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium construction site as a rodbuster, working on the rebar that reinforces the concrete around the stadium. Even if you can’t necessarily see his work from the outside, Robertson understands how important his work on the stadium has been.

“There was a fella inside jail saying they were doing a lot of hiring here at the new stadium,” Robertson said, “Once I got out, I went to the (construction site) and what they did was send me to Westside Works.”

After taking the training courses over the span of thirty days, Robertson was placed at the site. Much like the concrete he works on, every day he feels stronger.

Robertson has a family at home that is proud of what he has accomplished including a 19-year-old daughter who is studying accounting at Georgia State University. For Robertson, this is a career he plans to stick to. Although his part in the stadium will be complete before the entire stadium is finished, there is one aspect he is counting on seeing.

“I want to see the top. I want to see the roof,” Robertson said, “That’s what I’m really waiting on.”

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