Arlan Jackson wasn’t really interested in the average working man’s wage or lifestyle. He heard about the Build Cobb Partnership from a friend who had previously joined the program after being incarcerated.


Mr. Jackson stated, “I realized the life I was leading was a dead end. I had to think about my wife and two kids. I left the information session feeling like I probably wouldn’t be accepted into the class. I was ready to walk away and just hit the streets again. I was completely surprised when I got the acceptance call.” Mr. Jackson went on to add, “Jeff Kiel the instructor was very helpful in guiding us to the right company before the hiring fair. The match up with employer and contractor was spot on. I got picked up by ASTRA Grading and Pipe as a laborer. Everything got better, my reputation, my family, my life. I gained confidence, and security. I have a career that I can be proud of… even my mom & dad look at me differently now. Build Cobb was most definitely a life changing experience for me and my family.”

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