Attitude Adjustment Helps Trazanti Brazier Earn Respect

“I was unemployed, getting into a little trouble before all of this,” Trazanti Brazier said. “It’s a thing of the past now.”

Brazier found out about Westside Works from a friend and since graduating has become a rigger on the Mercedes-Benz Stadium construction site helping keep things in order, cleaning up trash, directing traffic and assisting around the new parking deck. The people, places, and things in Brazier’s life have changed as he stays focused, with the biggest being his change in attitude.

“I have to keep my attitude in check because you’re dealing with a lot of other attitudes,” Brazier said. “I have to just stay humble.”

The reason for the change is how serious he has taken his job. No matter what goes on or how somebody else talks to him, he keeps his mind on the bigger picture and focusing on the job at hand.

With a newborn son and 10-year-old daughter at home, Brazier has a family in his corner that is proud of him. Someday he plans on showing his kids that he has had a hand in the stadium and the places he had the opportunity to work.

“Everybody looks at me different,” Brazier said. “I get more respect. It’s given to me now. I don’t have to demand it or act a certain way. It’s given to me.”

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